Founder/Club President: Tony Mancuso

Tony was a longtime park district coach and founded Urbana United in 2013 as a lower-cost, lower-travel alternative for children in the Urbana, Ill., area who wanted more than just rec league experience.

Holder of U.S. Soccer Federation F and E licenses, Tony has taken on a more administrative role for an ever-expanding club, but he still fills in for coaches at all levels at matches and practices, and he continues to coach teams in tournaments as well.

“I founded U2 for kids who are a bit more serious about playing soccer,” Tony says. “We wanted to get the extra touches on the ball for kids who are enthusiastic about soccer and want to further their athletic careers, even at the high school level.”

“We are more about establishing teams of good citizens than we are about recruiting players with great skills. The skills will come as we get to work with the kids more and more.”

Co-Founder/Vice President: Andy Cook

“…also likes Soccer.”

Board of Directors

Urbana United Soccer Club is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. The Urbana United Board of Directors is a group of volunteers representing parents, coaches, and club administrators tasked with keeping U2 on track.

Current Board

  • Treasurer 
    • Todd Isaacs 
  • Secretary 
    • Ali Neault & Mike Neault 
  • Parent / Player Representative 
    • Terra Skousen & Jacob Skousen 
  • Media & Webmaster 
    • Ben Kaap 
  • Members-at-large 
    • Bob Mandra
    • Bruce Rummenie
    • Jonathan Pines
    • Karen Sherwood
    • Liza Kaap
    • Melissa Mandra
    • Natalie Allison
    • Rich McQueen
    • Scott Dowds 
  • Ex officio 
    • Carlos Rodriguez
    • Chris Angel
    • Cora McQueen
    • Eric Shaffer
    • Victoria Alves

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