About U2

Urbana United Soccer Club is based in Urbana, Ill.
This is a cost-effective, low-travel, club team!

U2 has teams at several age levels, from U10 to High School. Players build social skills and develop life skills through the sport of soccer. Coaches place emphasis on growth and development as a soccer player and as an individual.

Urbana United teams honor and respect all aspects of the sport of soccer.

Low Travel Club - Our home matches are played in Urbana, and typically we travel no more than 45 minutes to an hour for away events — and usually they are much closer than that!


Player Development on and off the Pitch - Our coaches promote the development of players on and off the pitch. Players are not only given the skills to succeed in soccer, but also in life.


We hold all members of our club to the highest of standards. We expect the players, coaches, and fans to display good sportsmanship and respect to each other, coaches, opposing players and coaches, the referees, and the sport of soccer itself.